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Hollands most beautifull hay barracks

We have choosen the most beautifull hay barracks from the database. We sorted on aspects as uniqueness, touristic interests, vernacular interesting and "nice picture ! feeling". Go to the search = "zoek" pages and look for the name of the town of the hay barrack of which you want to see more.
Zoelmond , region Betuwe, farm "de Werff." Double hay barrack. Unique in the world. Eigth poles! Overhauled in 2005, with old techniques.
Epse, small town near by Deventer. During WW 11 it survived an German shelling . We call this type of hay barrack a hay shed.
Estate Stekkenkamp , Zeesse, Ommen along the river Vecht in province Overijsel . Old Salland farms with thatched roofs and a double high door at the rear end, with overhanging roof. The walls are also thatched and with special woven design!
Diepenveen near by Deventer. The Overvelde estate. With 3 hay sheds!
Along the river Rhine, near by Wijk by Duurstede,on the opposite side of the river, lies a small town against the dyke. Rijswijk , region Betuwe. A farm with two hay sheds .
In the old and poor region Veluwe, near by Putten, province Gelderland, were in the early days many farms with more than one hay barrack. This is one of the two now still existing groups of three four pole hay barracks in this region.
Threehundred year old poles form this old movable hay barrack in Markelo, Twente, Overijssel.
Near by, in Laren, in the province of Gelderland, is the Verwolde estate with an old castle. And a lot of hay barracks. Here you see the most beautifull ones.
Nearby the river Waal , at Neerijnen, also near by an etsate with castle, an old haybarrack close to farm and shed with "wolfsdak".
In Zegveld, province Zuid Holland, are polders and continuous problems with the waterlevel . Then it is high up and then it is low. And buildings are dancing in concordance with the changings. There are now only 2 old hay barracks left in this region.Here an old twisted farm out of 1600 with a six pole thatched hay barrack.

This is an unique view of an old typical hay barrack in the "dutch bible belt" near by Zwolle in Kampen.It has a "cuckoo" from which a loading instrument can come out of the barrack. Now a museum, they builded in 2006 an oldfashioned 6 pole thatched barrack opposite the cuckoo barrack. It is built by Willem Ruhof, who is a "hay barrack building artist". In the menu choose for "Bouwen" and then for "Ruhof bergen" . You find there all his barracks.